NEW! Secular Principles Discussion starting this Sunday

We’re excited to announce a new regular discussion starting this Sunday, August 19th!
The new Secular Principles Discussion will explore all things secularism. The history, ideas, people, organizations, and maybe most importantly, how to build a secular world for us all, will all be topics.
Greg will guide a wide ranging discussion which will be a regularly scheduled Columbia Atheists event.
If you’d like to attend please RSVP at the meetup event page:
You can also visit the event page on Facebook here.

Hello world!

There are no gods or devils to adore or fear.

The things that go bump in the night are just things of this world, the bumps are just bumps of the here and now. We needn’t fear these things or these bumps.

There is no reason to think that the supernatural realm is a realm unto itself rather than that part of the natural which we do not yet know.

All we have is a world and a life. We can work to make some sense and some meaning of the world, of our lives.